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Top Gun 2012

This DVD highlights the phenomenal skill and dedication that go into building and flying the model aeroplanes at the Top Gun event. Introduced by their builders and pilots, this programme examines in intricate detail the very newest planes that were presented at the show.
Picture of Top Gun 2012 DVD
Top Gun 2012 DVD
Picture of Top Gun 2012 Blu-Ray
Top Gun 2012 Blu-Ray
Running time: approx. 97 mins. Please note: this High Definition DVD will not play on a standard DVD player. To view it you will need both a Blu-Ray compatible player and an HD capable television.
Full Description

Filmed at the world’s biggest scale model aircraft event, this year's coverage represents a radical departure from the way we've presented Top Gun in the past. Rather than covering Top Gun, the event, this year we're concentrating on the aeroplanes that are new and have not been seen before.

As well as spectacular flight footage, we spend time with the people that know the aeroplanes the best – their builders and pilots. With these knowledgeable guides, and with lots of close-ups, we look at these spectacular scale models, so you can appreciate the skill that went into these works of art. In addition, there is coverage of the noontime entertainment as well as the awards presentations and a closing interview with Mr. Top Gun 2012. 

So, sit back, relax and enjoy our coverage of the airplanes of Top Gun 2012! Running time: 92 minutes