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Lockheed Vega CNC Woodpack

Vendor: SLEC Ltd
Full Description

RC2135 Lockheed Vega CNC Woodpack


Laser cut woodpack to assist withthe build of RC2135 as featued in RCM&E Sepetmner 2014. 


Lindsay Todd models an historic example of American Beefcake, Lockheed’s passenger plane turned record-breaker.



Name: Lockheed Vega

Model type: Semi-scale golden age monoplane

Designed by: Lindsay Todd

Wingspan: 57.5” (1461mm)

Fuselage length: 37.3” (947mm)

Wing area: 571 sq. in.

All-up weight: 4 lb 7oz

Wing loading: 19oz / sq. ft. (5.8kg / sq. m)

Powertrain: Turnigy C3548 1100Kv motor;

50A ESC; 3s 5000mAh Li-Po; APC 12 x 6” prop

Functions: Aileron (2); elevator (1); rudder (1); throttle (via ESC)