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R/C Jet International June/July 2017

Issue No: 144
On Sale: 18/05/2017
SKU: RCJ170601
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From The Cockpit

A look at what’s in this issue as well as the latest news from around the R/C Jet world

Jet Chatter

Dave Wilshere’s regular column all about the R/C jet industry

Gas Turbine Performance Comparisons

Summary of performance of engines tested by RCJI

Buying Power

Readers’ free classified advertisements

Next Issue

Forthcoming features in the August/September Issue


Avanti XS Review

Colin Straus takes an in-depth look at the Avanti XS from Sebart in the first part of his review

Freewing F-16C

Brian Collins puts this EDF Jet through it’s paces

Florida Jets

David Hart covers all the action at this year’s Florida Jets

Bang Seat: Part 2

Mal Luff continues to explore 3D modelling and printing for models in the second part of ‘Bang Seat'

Diamond Down Under

Bruce Corfe looks at another one of Australian Jet pilot Gregg Voak’s models, this time an Aviation Design Diamond

ATJ190 Bench Test

After Dave Swarbrick’s review of the ATJ190, Colin Straus goes in-depth with the turbine on the test bench

Workshop Tool Storage and Selection

Ian Titchell carries on his workshop theme, this time imparting some useful advice about how to store your tools efficiently as well as some recommendations for specific items

Four Go Mad In Germany

Dave Swarbrick recounts his trip to last year’s Jet Power, giving us a ‘spectators’ view of the show