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R/C Jet International April/May 2017

Issue No: 143
On Sale: 16/03/2017
SKU: RCJ170401
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From The Cockpit

New team in the hot seat as we move into 2017, and other news and views from the jet modelling world

Gas Turbine Performance Comparisons

Summary of performance of engines tested by RCJI

Buying Power

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Next Issue

Forthcoming features in the June/July 2017 Issue


Taking on the Starfighter

Alex Jones of The Little Jet Company steps up to the challenge of building and modifying Skymaster’s excellent F-104 Starfighter kit


In this company profile Colin Straus follows up an initial introduction at JetPower ‘16 to find out more about STVTech’s current range of accessories for the jet modeller

Technically Speaking

In the last few years jet models have been getting steadily larger in size, more complex and more twin engined aircraft are being flown, perhaps due to the incredible reliability and simplicity of operation of modern model gas turbine engines, so to aid operators of ‘twins’ David Gladwin looks at the theory behind asymmetric flight

Flight of the ‘Interzeptor’

Bruce Corfe takes a look at a superb Me 262 model, made in Germany but currently flying in Australia, that is based on a rather special and unique prototype

WestJets at Windy Wyalkatchem!

We always love hearing about the jet scene down under, so Bruce Corfe visits a Jet meet on a windswept airfield somewhere in Western Australia!

Meteor Project – New Year, New Progress

As the project moves forward into early 2017 new tasks have been met and completed, with clear progress towards build completion and maiden flights

ATJ 190SV Turbine

Dave Swarbrick has been impressed with ATJ’s 170 engines over the years, so he was more than happy to try out their new 190SV turbine in his Excalibur+

A Workshop Layout For Jet Modelling

We all dream of a large and accessible work area, so Ian Titchell takes a look at workshop layouts for jet modelling, and suggests what you can do when you have limited space available

Bang Seat: A 3D Modelling and Printing Project

In the first part of a new series Mal Luff looks at how to get started in 3D printing for aeromodelling, which culminates in printing out your very own Ejector Seat!

Jet Chatter

In this month’s column Dave Wilshere discusses turbine restarting systems, gyros and his own CARF EDF Hawk