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Perma-Grit tools are made using tungsten carbide grit abrasives - one of the hardest materials next to diamond. These tools are simple to use, cut in any direction, and are safe and extremely robust.

Much more efficient than traditional tools, Perma-Grit's tungsten carbide tools do not lose their cutting edge. Perma-Grit sanding blocks will outlast sandpaper a thousand fold.

Perma-Grit tools are renowned for their longevity and ability to work modern composite materials – carbon and glass fibre, Kevlar, Perspex, Plexiglas, Lexan, acrylics, plastics and polystyrenes, as well as traditional materials like wood, glass and metal.

These durable, affordable tools have been designed with the hobby modeller in mind and are also regularly used by high performance aircraft, boat and Formula 1 Racing Car manufacturers around the world.

Here's what we've said about Perma-Grit tools

“Perma-Grit Tools manufacture a rapidly expanding range of marvellous sanding, grinding and cutting tools, and anyone who has used them, even once can't bear to be without them again. Some of my tools have had over three years severe use, and are still cutting very strongly, with no apparent wear. They are very resistant to "clogging", but can be cleaned with paint-stripper if necessary.”

RC Jet International magazine.

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32mm cutting disc

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19mm cutting disc

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