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NEAT Fair 2012 DVD

At this year’s Neat Fair we are serving up a big helping of state of the art electric models and pilots at the peak of their flying, as well as coverage of the latest in electric R/C products.
Picture of NEAT Fair 2012 DVD DVD
NEAT Fair 2012 DVD DVD
Picture of NEAT Fair 2012 DVD Blu-ray
NEAT Fair 2012 DVD Blu-ray
Running Time: 106 mins. Customers should be reminded that this DVD will not play on a standard DVD player. To view it they will need both a Blu-Ray compatible player and an HD capable television.
Full Description
NEAT Fair is held at the Peaceful Valley Campsite buried deep in the Catskills of
New York. The flight line includes separate heli and park flyer areas, as well as six
Center stations for the main event.
This year’s highlights include:
• Eric Maglio's Boeing 717
• Dan Landis's Fw-190
• Dan Basovitch's P-47D
• Rob Kallok's Weekender
• Greg Covey's 1/3rd scale 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane
• Adam Woodworth's Eurofighter
• Don Belfort’s Tripacer
• Jim Lloyd's S.E.5a
• Mark Carro's Extra 300
• Michael Fusco's Howard.
Plus don’t miss the Warbird Gaggle, or the Indoor and Night Flying!!

Running Time: 100 mins.