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Mont 3 CNC Woodpack

Laser cut woodpack to assist with the build of Mont 3 (RC2055A). As featured in RCM&E October 2009.
Vendor: SLEC Ltd
Full Description

First Appeared in: RCM&E October 2009 Issue
Name: Mont-3
Model type: Thermal soarer
Modified by: Loris Goring
Wingspan: 98.4” (2489mm)
Fuselage length: 47.5” (864mm)
Wing area: 801 sq. ins.
All-up weight: 43oz (1219g)
Wing loading: 7.7oz / sq. ft.
Functions (servos): Rudder (1); elevator (1)
Plan details: Two sheets


Mont-3’s maiden flight was off a 150m winch line into a force 3 wind, a launch that resulted in an elevenminute flight. She behaved herself impeccably, but the flight time wasn’t much to write home about. The next outing, a hand-launch from a sloping field near the windward side of a Devon hedge, resulted in a climb-out of a few hundred feet and a flight that a few club members shared - they didn’t want to bring her down! When I finally managed to wrest the Tx from them so that I could ‘solo’ with her, Mont-3 was more than happy to hang around in the air for ages, in fact after a number of 20+ minute flights it was my neck that gave out. The next modification will be to plaster my neck with Kevlar and epoxy! On the line, Mont-3 goes up as straight as a die and flat turns for thermal flight are a doddle. Despite knowing that the wing is immensely strong, getting her down from a dot in the sky makes me regret not fitting airbrakes; she has to be clawed down out of the sky by doing continuous loops to lose height. Simple to build and a real fun model to fly, I guarantee you’ll enjoy Mont-3 as much as me.

Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns.