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Glyn Macey's World of Acrylics How to Paint Sea, Sky, Land and Life by Glyn Macey

This book is about giving you ideas, inspiration and new ways of looking at your world ideas that set you on your own path. This book is about your creative adventure. Learn to paint what you find in the world around you and set your sense of joy and wonder down in vivid and expressive acrylic paintings that are unmistakably yours. Pages: 144
SKU: SE117
Full Description

Artist and author Glyn Macey is irrepressible, enthusiastic and filled with innovative ideas for using acrylics effectively. His deep love for painting will show you how to unleash your creativity with the adaptable, interesting and exciting acrylic medium. Learn how to see like a child again, with wide-eyed excitement, and paint the world around you using just a few acrylics and whatever else you have to hand!

This book is a creative adventure that will give you ideas and inspiration for expressive and personal acrylic artworks. More importantly, it will set yourself on your own path through painting so you can discover and explore your own painting style.

Table of Contents

What do I need?
What do I do?
What colour is the sea?
The sea
Looking up
The sky
Summers End
Woodland & wilderness
The land
Sunlight and Shadows
The human touch
City of Life