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Florida Jets 2014

Florida Jets was once again held at Lakeland Linder Airport in Lakeland, Florida, and continues to bring together the hottest pilots and planes from around the globe.
Picture of Florida Jets 2014 DVD
Florida Jets 2014 DVD
Running time : 98 minutes
Picture of Florida Jets 2014 Blu-ray
Florida Jets 2014 Blu-ray
Running time : 117 minutes
Full Description
This year's show features many of the top jet pilots and a new 800 foot paved runway. Greg Foushi makes strafing runs with his A-10 Warthog while Steve Stricker burns up the sky with his F-4 Phantom. Dustin Buescher debuts a new F-104 Starfighter and Rei Gonzalez shows off a classic all wood de Havilland Vampire. Ali Machinchy brought two aircraft from England, an F- 100 Super Sabre and a "V" tail Fouga Magister. Andreas Gietz premieres the new CARF 3D J10 and Viperjet. Tommy Wood flies his twin turbine F-18 'Blue Angel' Hornet, Boli Muentes gets air time with his large F-5 Freedom Fighter, and twin turbine King Cat. Plus, plus we have in-flight footage from four different aircraft!