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Florida Jets 2009

The largest gathering of R/C Jets in the World!
Picture of Florida Jets 2009 DVD
Florida Jets 2009 DVD
This will be sent in a plastic sleeve wallet.
Picture of Florida Jets 2009 Blu-Ray
Florida Jets 2009 Blu-Ray
Running time: approx. 103 mins. Please note: this High Definition DVD will not play on a standard DVD player. To view it you will need both a Blu-Ray compatible player and an HD capable television.
Full Description

Held once again at Lakeland Linder Airport in Lakeland, Florida, this event continues to bring together the hottest pilots and planes from around the globe. Watch as Thomas Singer from Germany demonstrates the 3D capabilities of the CARF Eurosport while Jorge Escalona burns up the skies with his F4 Phantom. We also bring you several new aircraft debuts such as the Mibo Mirage F1 flown by Pablo Fernandez and the Skymaster Viper Jet brought by Ali Machinchy of England. Other noted aircraft includes Adrian Valencia's twin engine Velox, Bob Fiorenze's electric T38 and Jason Somes Mig29. Approx. Running Time: 103 mins.