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Detailing & Painting - Vol 1

Techniques Part 1. The " fun stuff" starts with pilots and cockpits, continuing through molded exterior details ... butt panels ... overlapped panels ... louvers, and much more ... all explained to you in Dave's workshop, now
Full Description
A neat tool, a panel line drawing device for round fuselages is demonstrated, and you can make your own, inexpensively. Something that appears so simple as a panel hinge or a wing tip light has been many a scale modelers' undoing. Dave provides a couple of great solutions, right here. Bad riveting is common on many scale models. Dave demonstrates his riveting tool and how to put on rivets, the right way. With the riveting done, his Macchi 202 is nearly ready for final Detailing and Painting. Techniques' with great tips in the following order. Pilots Cockpit interiors Landing gear doors Retracts and the dummy strut Dummy scoops & other molded details Final 'grey coat' primer & sanding Scotchbrite pad Drawing panel joints on the model Platt 'panel drawing device' Panel details and materials Butt joint and overlap panels Built-up surfaces and hatches Spray painting over panel lines Fillets and control surfaces Louvers Removing and de-gumming tape lines with a 'toothbrush' technique Hinges Wingtip light molding and installation Riveting and the rivet tool