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Dawn Patrol 2013

The Mid-Atlantic Dawn Patrol was held at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, VA. Flyers came from across the country to fly at this year's event.
Picture of Dawn Patrol 2013 DVD
Dawn Patrol 2013 DVD
Running Time: 93 mins
Picture of Dawn Patrol 2013 Blu-Ray
Dawn Patrol 2013 Blu-Ray
Running Time: 106 mins
Full Description

The museum houses numerous aircraft from WWI and WWII. Pilot Boom Powell shows us some of the museums prized WWI aircraft that he gets to fly - we even show engine run-ups of both a full scale Jenny and a Mosquito bomber! Featured modellers include: Ed Andrews' Fokker Dr. 1, Robert Sikora's Fokker D. VII, John Mueller's Albatros, Lars Hansson's Nieuport 28, Rick Cawley's Sopwith Pup and Rick Andrese's Spad S. XIII. Plus two half call aircraft, a Fokker Eindecker and a Nieuport 28. From DR-1's to D7's and Sopwith Pups, the Dawn Patrol has it all!

DVD run time 93 Min.
Blu-ray run time 106 mins.