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Ballerina Ribs & Wing Tip

Vendor: SLEC Ltd
Full Description

"Some years ago I designed a nice shoulder wing model for a.40 four-stroke, this was called Harlequin. A little while ago there was a posting on RCM&E’s forum asking if there might be a low wing Harlequin. As this is the type of model that I enjoy flying most I thought ‘good idea!’ and started drawing the model up."

Model type: Sport aerobat
Designed by: Peter Miller
Wingspan: 53" (1346mm)
Fuselage length: 43" (1092mm)
Wing area: 553 sq. in.
All-up weight: 71oz (2kg)
Wing loading: 18oz / sq. ft.
Functions (servos):
Ailerons (1), elevator (1),
rudder (1), throttle (1)
Engine req’d: .40 - .48 four-stroke / .32 - .35 two-stroke

Please note this item is made to order and as such we can not accept returns unless the item is faulty.