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Atom CNC parts & Woodpack

Vendor: SLEC Ltd
Full Description

Atom CNC & Woodpack

Includes all the parts, a fibre-glass rotor head plate and pre-bent 10swg wire undercarriage legs.


This model is perfect for those new to autogyros and, with the free plan featured in RCM&E, mag build article, designer Rich Harris’ helpful forum thread and the laser-cut parts, you can’t go far wrong! Go on, build something different, give it a try today!

Read Richards forum thread by clicking here



Name: Atom Special

Model type: Autogyro

Designed by: Richard Harris

Rotor diameter:  950mm

Length: 700mm

Height: 400mm

All-up weight: 600-700g

Functions (servos):  Head (2); rudder (1); throttle (via ESC)

Power system used:  Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 – 2826 – 980kV outrunner, 10 x 7” APC prop, 30A ESC, 3S 1550mAh Li-Po